angel rhoades, ph.d  |  practitioner

Angel Rhoades has her PhD with an emphasis in OrthoMolecular Medicine. Educated at Bastyr, University of Iowa, Maharishi University, University of Sedona and graduate of University of Arizona, Angel specializes in brain cell regeneration. 

She was mentored and worked directly with Dr. Susser, past president of the American Association for Health Freedom (formerly American Preventive Medical Association).  In addition, she was further mentored by Abram Hoffer (pioneer of orthomolecular medicine and discover of niacin (vitamin B3).

Abram Hoffer endorsed Angels book titled, “Traumatic Brain Injury - A Path to Recovery”.  Angel also created one of the first superfood green powders on the market. 

In addition to her private practice, Angel has given lectures on brain cell regeneration at leading hospitals in California.  Moreover, she has held internships, post-doctoral and other demanding positions at Caltech, Pfeiffer, Gerson’s, and Optimum Health Institute. These positions included studies on the following topics: neurobiology, neuropsychology, oncology, and diabetes.  In addition, she was worked with Dr. Pratt and Dr. Paki regarding bioidentical hormone therapy.

Angel Rhoades joined Metro Integrative in 2017. She is passionate about helping people obtain and maintain optimal health. She believes the best solutions to our everyday health problems are found through both eastern and western medicine. Hence, she promotes integrative and complementary approaches.


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