Your body has an inbuilt method, almost like an army, to protect you from invading diseases and infection, called your immune system. If an autoimmune disease strikes, your immune system no longer protects you but becomes the attacker by mistake. No one is really sure what causes this confusion, which leads to many autoimmune diseases, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, just to name a few of more than 80 types of these diseases. Many have similar symptoms, such as fatigue, muscle aches, low fever, and the classic sign, inflammation. Inflammation and the pain it causes, especially in joints all over the body, are a sign that the body’s immune response is confused and attacking itself.

When a virus or infection invades, your immune system tries to identify and eliminate the invading issue causing you harm. With an autoimmune disease, the body mistakes healthy cells as invaders and repeatedly attacks them, bringing inflammation and pain. Your immune system remembers invaders or foreign bodies, and over the years, when working properly, stores the correct response and produces proteins called antibodies that attach themselves to invaders so they can be recognized and destroyed. Unfortunately, these are the same antibodies that target the healthy tissues by mistake. This can happen in any part of the body, causing redness, heat, pain and swelling. If it is in the joints, you may have rheumatic arthritis, with joint pain, stiffness and loss of function. If it is in the thyroid, you could have Graves’ Disease, which causes exhaustion weight gain and muscle aches. Other diseases can cause rashes, blisters, eye issues, and hair loss and skin color changes.

Since it is unclear how these diseases start, it is good to be aware if you have a genetic tendency, or to protect yourself from high stress, which is another potential trigger, and have a healthy diet and exercise plan. For more help to understand how to prevent these diseases or to manage them if you are sick with an autoimmune illness, come and get personalized advice from Metro Integrative practitioners.

Dr. Sally Warren
Traditional Naturopath
Metro Integrative Pharmacy


 Advice from our Naturopathic Doctor:


It is important to get a good diagnosis of these diseases as soon as you have ongoing symptoms. Your general GP can recommend specialists if it is suspected that you may have an issue with your immune system. To prevent these issues from happening, make sure your immune system is well supported and strengthened with good nutrients, healthy habits and exercise. If you feel you are at risk due to job and lifestyle stressors, make sure to compensate to boost your immune system. Come in for specific advice on immune boosters, nutritional supplements and dietary habits to help act as preventions. If already suffering from an autoimmune disease, we have many ways to alleviate the symptoms and manage the disease from supplements for joint degeneration and pain reduction, anti-inflammatories and medicinal mushrooms which help to break down, reduce or eradicate inflammation and tumors. Disease is preventable and manageable, ask us how.

Dr. Sally Warren, PhD
Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor
Metro Integrative Pharmacy


Advice from our Pharmacist:


Supplements from such highly respected companies such as Thorne Research, Standard Process, Pure Encapsulation, Garden of Life and many more are available at Metro Integrative Pharmacy, to prevent and manage autoimmune diseases. One that helps modulate the immune system response without boosting it is a medicinal mushroom supplement called Active Hexose Correlated Compound, and we have several high quality companies which are not available to many over the counter stores.

Since there are so many autoimmune diseases, Metro Integrative has a wide selection of organ support supplements for such diseases as Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis, and thyroid support, for issues such as Hashimoto’s Disease. There is a selection of gluten digest for Celiac Disease and support for other inflammatory bowel issues such as Colitis or Crohn’s Disease. There are many supplements for pain management and inflammation reduction.

Yeva Pisarevsky R.Ph.
Nutritional Pharmacist
Metro Integrative Pharmacy


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