“Staycationing” is the new euphemism for staying home on your vacation.

We all need to take a break - it is important for your health, to avoid mental fatigue, burnout and for stress reduction.

Staying home can mean many things. Perhaps focusing on things that need to be done around the house, such as fixing, decorating, extending, planting, or just playing or resting. There are many local venues to discover as well. Plan day trips; choose exhibitions and attractions to see. Whatever you choose to do, make every day of your vacation a break from your normal routine, to help reset your body and mind from the daily stresses.

Abnormal amounts of stress can lead to health problems. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is probably one of the body’s best defenses against stress. Since stress rapidly depletes the adrenal gland of its ascorbic acid and greatly increases the oxidation of ascorbic acid, it is a very good idea to make sure you supplement.

There are many outside factors, such as air pollution, chemicals in foods, clothing and furniture, bacterial viruses and infections, as well as working too hard throughout your day, pressing deadlines, commuting, and so much more that contribute to stress. Excessive oxidation is the most commonly associated biochemical reaction from stress. Stress can also cause an increased release of histamine, and stress-induced allergies. Metro Integrative has a wide array of homeopathic and herbal remedies to calm these reactions and calm your histamines.

Herbal remedies make wonderfully effective de-stressors.

Herbs like Lemon Balm, and Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and Valerian can be added to your “Staycation” regimen to ensure a feeling of calm and peace. It is vitally important to de-stress and release tension not only from the body, but also from your mind. Another tension tamer is GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid), a neurotransmitter for calming the mind. A lot of research is still ongoing with this compound. It has already been shown to provide good calming effects. GABA is a Nootropic- also called “smart drug” or cognitive enhancer. These are drugs, supplements or other substances that improve cognitive function and assist memory, creativity or motivation in healthy individuals. To help absorption of GABA, to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), it is advised to take L-Arginine to help convert into nitric oxide production which modulates the neural function. A few days of complete relaxation will ensure recovery of the body and reduction of the impact of stress, leading to a refreshing and rewarding “Staycation”. 

In addition, if you plan on spending a good deal of time outside, make sure to pick up a good SPF mineral sun screen for protection against harmful UV rays.

The practitioners at Metro Integrative can consult with you on the best supplements and nutritionals for your individual needs and situation.

Dr. Sally Warren
Traditional Naturopath
Metro Integrative Pharmacy


Advice from our Naturopathic Doctor:


A Staycation can be many things, and one of the most important is to have a complete break in order to rest. However you choose to spend your time is each individual’s personal preference, so use the time given as wisely as possible since it is an investment into your future. Although good health is often taken for granted, it is the most precious thing, apart from time, we possess. Investing in your future health is a forward-planning preventative strategy, and one that may take a while to see how it pays out. Take time to rest and recuperate from the stresses of work, your mind and body will thank you. You will have more energy and avoid the bout of colds and coughs that catch the un-rested. Take a good multi-vitamin, and extra supplements of Vitamin C to reduce oxidative stress. Use a relaxant homeopathic remedy, like Calms Forte, or a herb, like Lemon Balm or Albezia – made from the bark and flowers of the mimosa tree, all of these relieve anxiety and stress. Do come in to talk with either myself or another of our practitioners on your own personal needs, so we can match those with the huge range of helpful products we have at the store.

Dr. Sally Warren, PhD
Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor
Metro Integrative Pharmacy


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