Classical Pilates Prized by Molly Sims and More      By Amy McBean      Excerpt from Published Article in Beauty News NYC     Next stop – Ask a holistic expert   A 15 minutes’ walk south to Lexington and East 68th is plenty of time to self-gripe about any sun protection I’ve neglected to wear. It just so happens the destination I have in mind is  Metro Integrative Pharmacy  where you can pop in and speak with a number of different specialists – a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, classical homeopath, herbalist, or esthetician – for advice on sun protection and any other beauty or wellness question you may have.  Two delightful estheticians   Caroline Nuytten   and   Nancy Panneer   welcomed me and offered recommendations for skin care during the summer months and the latest products on their shelves.  Overzealous over ingredients and packaging (someone recently called me “Al Gore”) these days, I went straight for the kill. Which brands have reputations of being responsible in that way? Skin care brands with eco-conscious plusses they pointed out include: Dr. Hauschka (have their own garden and are a B Corporation), Goldfaden MD (packaging made with recyclable materials), Intelligent Nutrients (USDA Certified Organic and made with renewable energy), Kahina (certified organic and fair trade), and Trilogy (carbon neutral status certified and non-GMO).  On the what’s-new end for summer, are new sun-care lotions, Panneer shared. Some have multiple new protections to, for example, safely tan, filter out the bad rays, and help to repair sun damage. You can find all of that in one bottle. Esthederm, she said, for instance, has an extensive line of these new formulas. She showed me different potions to even out pigmentation during sun exposure, and which day and anti-wrinkle creams are best for summer.  Also new in skin care for cellular care and restoration, Nuytten said, are face oils: MyChelle, Aroma Active, Trilogy (these three range from $15 to $55) and Goldfaden (around $130) are among the brands they carry, with oils like grape seed, baobab, and Kalahari, and claims of “omega rich,” “nourishing, replenishing and balancing,” and “promoting accelerated cell turnover.”  So to feel a bit spoiled by having a holistic specialist at your side demystifying the products on the pharmacy shelves, come armed with questions for Nuytten, Panneer and their colleagues at 931 Lexington Avenue. Or call (212) 794-7200 or go to  for more information about their store and services.   Full Article can be viewed here

Classical Pilates Prized by Molly Sims and More

By Amy McBean

Metro Integrative Pharmacy featured on Beauty News NYC website mentioning our licensed specialists – naturopathic doctor, nutritionist, classical homeopath, herbalist, or esthetician, product line and services available.

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