countdown to summer


By Joni Sweet | May 2, 2016

23–Get Creative With Exercise

Whether a work project is demanding countless overtime or your social life is busier than ever, it’s sometimes a struggle to find the time to hit the gym!  But Kristen McElveen, a naturopathic doctor at Metro Integrative Pharmacy in New York City, emphasizes the importance of moving every day—and she has some clever suggestions for squeezing it in. “You don’t have to work out like an Olympic athlete each day, but movement is very important for optimum health, especially if you have a desk job,” she says. “Find the little ways you can incorporate more movement into your day, like parking a little farther away from the entrance, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even setting an alarm every hour to plank, stand up and stretch, or walk around the block.” Feeling more dedicated? Try a standing desk or an under-desk cycle.